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Ensoniq DP/4 Vintage Parallel Effects Processor
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The ENSONIQ DP/4+ Parallel Effects Processor has over 50 high fidelity fully programmable digital effect algorithms. Reverb, chorusing, flanging, delay, distortion, pitch shifting and an assortment of other programs are provided with dynamic control over most of the settings.
There are 400 effect presets; 200 ROM (Read Only Memory) and 200 additional RAM (Random Access Memory) presets for you to edit or store your own creations.

While other multi-effects processors only allow one input signal to be “effected,” the DP/4+’s four-in, four-out design permits stereo processing of four parallel channels (multi-processing).
There is only one user interface, but up to four different input signals can each go to a separate internal signal processor. Multiple inputs and outputs also allow for special types of effects, like vocoding and ducking.

The DP/4+ can be used as one huge effects box, two stereo-in effects boxes, three effects boxes, or four separate effects boxes. The routing between the four processing units is completely programmable, allowing for any combination of serial and parallel effects. The DP/4+ also offers paths to feedback the signal, and side-chain capability. The variable architecture and rich assortment of algorithms provide for unusual effect structures not found in fixed routing systems. The unique output mixing capability can also save you mixer effect return channels by mixing the stereo outputs of the four effects units down to a single stereo pair (outputs 1 and 2).

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