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The EDID Link is a device to manage DVI-EDIDs and communicate these to the graphics card. EDIDs (Extended Display Identification Data) are used to describe the (preferred) timing of a display device. The timing is describing the display’s resolution and its sync pixels. It is communicated to the graphic source via the DVI-cable.

The EDID Link handles DualLink-DVI-I signals and creates / emulates DVI-EDIDs.

- read out a display's EDID or load it from a file
- create an entirely new EDID
- modify EDIDs
- write this EDID to one of the user presets or to a file

Supporting Role Lichttechnik GMBH
Harald Stauber
Attemsgasse 7/C32
AT AT, 1220, Wien
Telefon: +43 664 5261586
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