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Bose F1 model 812 Passive Flexible Array Loudspeaker Flexible Array Lautsprecher (passiv) schwarz

The Bose® F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array Loudspeaker is a small-format full range sound reinforcement loudspeaker with a flexible array that lets you control its vertical coverage pattern. Simply push or pull the flexible array into position to create "Straight," "C", "J", or "Reverse-J" coverage patterns, letting you tailor the loudspeaker's vertical coverage to a variety of environments and mounting locations. The F1 Model 812 Passive is intended for use in small to medium sized indoor installations and can also be used in portable applications.

Technical Summary

Frequency Response (-3 dB)
56 Hz - 16 kHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)
47 Hz - 20 kHz

Nominal Dispersion
C: 100° H x 40° V (C-position)

Maximum SPL @ 1 m
119 dB SPL (125 dB SPL peak)

Nominal Impedance
8 O

Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
95 dB SPL

Long-Term Power Handling
Bose extended-lifecycle test: 300 W (1200 W peak)
AES transducer test: 600 W (2400 W peak)

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