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Let the colours shine and enjoy the feeling of the gorgeous spectrum of stable high CRI chromatics.

Adjust seven colours, individually, to give unprecedented smooth, stable and even colour mixing and a very high CRI of 90 to meet the high standards of your applications. Add or remove green and regulate CTC between 2.700 to 8.000 kelvins via dedicated control channels. Traditional fresnel front lens of the new Robin DL7F Wash ensures a classic look and homogenized conventional beam with high resolution smooth dimmer. The 200 mm diameter fresnel lens is easily interchangeable for optional PC lens. New innovative internal Scrim module of graduated filter can be inserted into the light path and allows rotation of the whole assembly +/- 180° to achieve even wash coverage when projecting onto a non-perpendicular surface. Mechanical features include a newly designed linear motorized zoom of 7°–65° and an interchangeable diffusion filter. The fixture uses an internal barndoor module for creating different shapes. The barndoor module consists of four individually controllable blades and is rotatable by +/- 90°.
800 W 7 colours LED engine
Fresnel lens Max. zoom: 8180 lm (Intensity mode, CCT=8000K), 6150 lm (CRI mode, CCT=8000K, CRI=90+) PC lens Max. zoom: 9760 lm (Intensity mode, CCT=8000K), 7200 lm (CRI mode, CCT=8000K, CRI=90+)
8°–65° with Fresnel Lens, 7°–62.5° with PC Lens
Beam Shaper (internal barndoors), Scrim Module

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