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Beschreibung L-acoustics K2-2 Set (Englisch):

The L-acoustics K2-2 package consist of:

12x K2-2 3-way full-range active WST enclosure;
3x K2-CHARIOT for 4 K2's;
3x K2-CHARIOTCOV protective cover for 4 K2's;
2x K2-BUMP structure for flying K2 arrays;
2x K2BAR extension bar for K2-BUMP

The K2 is the full range element of a WST® line source with variable curvature and adjustable
horizontal directivity. The K2 loudspeaker enclosure is based on a 3-way active design. It
comprises 4 input sections: 2 LF and 1 MF at a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and 1 HF at a
nominal impedance of 16 ohms. It features two 12” speakers and four 6.5”, all direct-radiating
neodymium speakers mounted in a bass-reflex enclosure, and two 3” neodymium diaphragm
compression drivers coupled to individual DOSC® waveguides and adjustable directivity
fins. The transducers are implemented in a K-shape configuration. The cabinet is made of
machined first grade Baltic birch plywood combined to die cast aluminum side panels to
ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity while reducing weight to the minimum.
A four-point rigging system is integrated into the cabinet.

The K2 is driven and quad-amplified by the LA8 or LA4X controller with factory presets which ensure linearization, protection, and optimization for the loudspeaker system. Both are available in-store and online.

3-way active enclosure, quad-amplified by LA4X / LA8 / LA12X
Usable bandwidth (-10 dB) 35 Hz - 20 kHz ([K2_70] preset)
Maximum SPL1 147 dB ([K2_70] preset)
Coverage angle (-6 dB)
Horizontal :
110° / 70° symmetric
90° asymmetric (35° / 55° or 55° / 35°)
Vertical : dependent upon number of elements and array curvature
LF: 2 ? 12", weather-resistant , bass-reflex
MF: 4 ? 6.5", weather-resistant , bass-reflex
HF: 2 ? 3", diaphragm compression driver, DOSC® waveguide
Nominal impedance LF = 2 ? 8 ?, MF = 8 ?, HF = 16 ?
RMS power handling
LF: 2 ? 450 W
MF: 320 W
HF: 160 W
Connectors IN : 1 ? 8-point PA-COM® LINK : 1 ? 8-point PA-COM®
Rigging components
Captive 4-point rigging system
Inter-enclosure angles: 0.25°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°, 7.5° or 10°
Purchase and sale of used audio equipment, all tested an cleaned in our warehouse, over 1000M2 store in Sittard ( Netherlands ) all equipment is in stock, en most is sold with 3 months warranty.

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