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Convection cooled 2-channel power amplifier

Apart’s CHAMP-2 robust 2-channel power amplifier offers unequalled pure music quality with high power and a dynamic punch. Because this stereo amplifier is a part of the revolutionary CHAMP-series of convection cooled power amplifiers, the unit is maintenance free. The CHAMP-2 has no fan inside which implicates the amplifier works very silent and it stays dust-free at all times.

The built-in APC protection Technology allows you to preset the power potential of the amplifier. It constantly analyses incoming music signals and keeps the dynamics alive. An additional ultra fast peak limiter avoids that the amplifier starts to clip or get distorted.

CHAMP-2 has a unique self-supporting aluminium chassis and two strong detachable 19” brackets are included as well. This two-channel power amplifier is very affordable and reliable and will bring a loud music performance without sounding harsh

19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting Yes height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 1 U
depth (build in) 338 mm depth (incl front) 356 mm
power supply 230 VAC volts power consumption (max) 500 watts
output power RMS 4 ohms 2 x 180 watts output power RMS 8 ohms 2 x 120 watts
output power RMS bridged 350 watts dynamic output power 2 x 350 watts
minimum impedance load 2 ohms output channels 2
line input balanced 2 line input unbalanced 2
frequency response (in Hz) 10 - 50K cooling system convection
applicable low impedance Yes
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