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Showtec WTF-F800 800 W Fogger incl. remote. Condition: NEW. (61130).

- New product. Stock clearance. (3)

The Showtec WTF series contains various smoke and mist machines. The current range includes two smoke machines: the WTF-F800 and its bigger brother, the WTF-F1000. Both machines quickly fill your location with smoke. The WTF-FZ1500 produces a more subtle, almost mist-like smoke. You can regulate the thickness of the smoke using the built-in fan. The powerful WTF-J800 JET completes the WTF series. You can use this machine for special effects on stage; the LED lighting gives the vertical fog beam an extra dimension.

- Powerful output
- Stylish design
- 800W heating element
- Remote control with cable

Input voltage: 240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 800 W
Power connector in: Schuko Plug
Remote control cable length: 2.9 m
Heater: 800W
Warm-up time: 4 min
Capacity: 70 m³/min
Housing: Metal
Colour: Grey
Fluid consumption: 18 ml/min
Liquid tank capacity: 1 L
Length (mm): 330mm
Height (mm): 235mm
Width (mm): 256mm
Weight: 4kg (Total Trading BV)
Driebekenweg 4
BE BE, 3680, Maaseik
Telefon: BE (+32) 089233154
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