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EldoLED POWERdrive DC 100W Constant Current RGB(W) LED driver/controller 12-28V DC. New product. (A9950042).

- New product. Stock clearance. (3)

The POWERdrive 180D is a highly integrated, sealed and easy to set up constant current driver/controller with multiple power sources for high brightness indoor LED lighting requiring up to 100 watts 150mA-500mA. The POWERdrive 100D can be integrated into a network, used as a standalone device and is DMX, DALI and LedSync compatible. The latter protocol allows 15-bit dimming, color control and bi-directional communication for driver configuration and temperature reading.

- Control: DMX / RDM
- DMX channels: 4
- Input voltage: 12-28V DC
- Output voltage: 12-24V DC
- Maximum Output Current (A): 4A @ 24V, 6A @ 12V
- Length (mm): 192mm
- Height (mm): 23mm
- Width (mm): 50mm
- Housing: Plastic
- Colour black (Total Trading BV)
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