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Selling the following Kara set:
12x Kara
4x Kara Case
1x Flywarecase with 2x M-Bump, 2x M-Bar, 4x Angermax,
The mat is technically perfect and looks like new because it has been used little.

The Kara modular line source delivers ultimate flexibility to any sound design, with its optional low frequency extension. This active, two way compact enclosure boasts exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal directivity

Compact and lightweight design, compliant with rigging and sightline constraints.
Extended LF resources for contour requirements from flat to medium.
Clarity, intelligibility and precision for vocal, speech and lead instruments.
110° horizontal directivity for distributed applications, fills and central clusters.
Discreet and accurate rigging system

KARA delivers a considerable number of improvements over the previous generation of line sources particularly with regard to the control of directivity in the horizontal plane, the component resources for increased operating bandwidth and coherence, the vertical coverage capability and an extensive choice of operation modes to accommodate various LF contour requirements.

Shaffer Lemme
Via Luigi Pasteur 22
IT IT, 04012, Cisterna di Latina
Telefon: +39064405929
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