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Mbox® Designer v4 is the highest specification in the Mbox family of media server software. As the fully-featured version of the Mbox, Designer can have 24 playback layers, 32 independently mastered outputs, and 8 video inputs. Like all members of the Mbox family, Designer includes the single-layer crossfading that makes Mbox so easy to use and fast to program. Designer offers substantial power and versatility, operating identically to the other Mbox software versions in playback, effects, and transition functions and adding the full capabilities of unlimited pixel-mapping, image remapping, and 3D projection mapping.

24 playback layers for 2D and 3D content, all with single-layer crossfade
Up to 32 independently controllable outputs: Levels, Camera, Effects, Keystone, and Shutter
Full 3D object and viewpoint manipulation for composition or projection mapping
Flexible video output resolution (up to 4K60) from built-in and Blackmagic devices
Playback of 4K content
Up to 8 video inputs from QuickTime, Blackmagic, or Active Silicon devices
Audio playback with independent volume control on every layer
Syphon input and output
Art-Net and sACN input/output for control and pixel mapping
Unlimited pixels for pixel mapping
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Peter Tacke,
Dürener Str. 369a.
50935 Köln
Tel. : +49 22163061714

Videlight Medientechnik
Peter Tacke
Dürener Str. 369a
DE DE, 50935, Köln
Telefon: +49 221 63061714
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