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original Meyer Sound MSL-3 2x12"/2" mit Filzbezug
Flyware, Wheeldolly, etc auf Anfrage

Designed to perform in a wide range of
large-scale sound reinforcement applications,
the high-power, arrayable MSL-3A
allows for coherent, controlled coverage
of wide areas in theater, club and concert
sound reinforcement. The efficient loudspeaker
delivers high sound pressure levels
with extremely low distortion, for maximum
intelligibility and fidelity.
The biamplified loudspeaker consists
of two proprietary 12-inch low-frequency
cone drivers in a unique horn-loaded,vented enclosure, and a single high frequency
driver with a 70-degree horn. The
rugged, multiple-ply hardwood cabinet is
fitted with handles and, optionally, aircraftstyle
rigging pan fittings.
The MSL-3A requires a high-quality
professional stereo power amplifier capable
of delivering up to 400 watts/channel
continuously into 4 ohms, with a signal
voltage gain of 10 dB (minimum) to 30 dB

SIGNON Sound/Light/Laser Production UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frank Nonnenmacher
Parkstr 1
DE DE, 86462, Langweid
Telefon: 0821499530
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