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The JARAG range represents a timeless merger between retro and new technology. It provides a complete range of uniquely shaped projectors and accessories, which have been specifically designed to give a broad spectrum of visual effects. The scope for creating original designs is unlimited as they can be juxtaposed and reassembled in any configuration.

This modular, extendable system is created from separate units each containing 25 halogen lamps and a built-in controller for instant use. 25 channels of DMX give independent control of each lamp. Together this fully integrated, programmable, multiple light source system provides a simple means of producing a multitude of custom lighting effects.

The JARAG-5 uses standard halogen lamps with digital control to give a range of fine, precise changes in colour temperatures ranging from amber to white, with effects ranging JARAG-5 flash transitions to soft, slow variations.

5x5 PAR30 10°

Provided with trigger clamp
Comes in a 1/2 twin case
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