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8 Stk. Outline Module
2 Stk. Flybar
6 Stk. Powerconverbinder
6 Stk. XLR Verbinder
1 Stk. Subwoofer BX182A

Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. is a self powered bi-amped loudspeaker cabinet that can be used as stand alone or part of a vertical line array. The cabinet utilises two D.P.R.W.G. wave guides developed by OUTLINE for the ‘Butterfly’ line array against all its contemporaries. This ultra compact loudspeaker system which weights in at only 23 kg has 2 x 1.75” compression drivers and 4 x 5” mid woofers. Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. is the only compact VLA with variable, asymmetrical horizontal directivity. Steps of 15 degrees can be set between 60 to 150 degrees manually, thus allowing the operator to direct energy where it is required. There are sixteen possible combinations of horizontal coverage (including asymmetric ones) which can be exploited according to the audience and acoustic properties of the environment in which the sound has to be reinforced. For example, in acoustically difficult venues, it is very useful to avoid reflections from walls. Because the sound only goes directly where it’s needed. Moving the “wings” of the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. in sixteen possible ways means changing the acoustic radiation conditions each time. No problem – at this point an ingenious but simple sensor-based recognition apparatus comes into play, “informing” the DSP of the position of the “wings”, and on-axis response is automatically corrected in real time.
D.P.R.W.G. Wave Guides
Adjustable directivity from 60° to 150°, by 16 different combinations of horizontal dispersion
Unequalled versatility: the system is adaptable to suit any possible situation, according to the audience.
Very high SPL (4 modules): 141 dB @ 1 m (peak)

Active Bi-amplified Subwoofer.
BX182A is a high performing yet compact bi-amplified active subwoofer characterized by outstanding efficiency, precision and sonic imaging. Absolutely reliable, BX182A is the optimum choice for rental companies, large touring systems and fixed installations.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, stadiums, arenas, concert halls, medium to large theatres and clubs, large-scale events.
2 power amplifiers (MosFet, class AB) designed around an innovative driver stage that guarantees the lowest possible distortion, while providing excellent dynamic and tonal performance. The two on-board power amplifiers deliver a total output power of 2300 watts (2 x 1150).
"D.E.Co" (Dynamic EQ. Controller): sophisticated speaker protection circuit.
Internal stereo electronic cross-over that may be bypassed for wide-band use.
139 dB max SPL.
2 x 18'' transducers - custom designed to Montarbo specifications - featuring neodymium alloy magnets and light-alloy die-cast frames, which ensure significant weight reduction.
Strong and sturdy cabinet made from high grade phenyl-glued multiply birch and finished with highly resistant antiscratch polyurethane black paint.
Easy transport, further facilitated thanks to 4 sturdy castors and recessed side handles.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is the optimum choice for rental companies, large touring systems and fixed installations

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