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Optocore X6 1

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The X6P-16IN is part of the X6 series, the converter units to transform analog signals to AES/EBU and vice versa.
It is equipped with 16 XLR microphone or line level inputs. The X6P-16IN can function in all kinds of applications where the A/D conversion is needed.
In cooperation with Optocore’s DD32(E) or PTP32E they are seamlessly integrated into the OPTOCORE® OPTICAL DIGITAL NETWORK SYSTEM. All parameters of the converters can be remote controlled and monitored with the
same software application as all the other Optocore devices, the OPTOCORE CONTROL software.
The X6 units facilitate a high flexibility to provide the number of analog inputs and outputs required at different positions in temporary or permanent applications.

The high quality of the preamps, A/D- and D/A converters make the X6 units ideal for the incorporation into audio systems even if no Optocore network
is established. They provide a wide dynamic range with negligible distortion and extremely low noise.
The 16 XLR inputs include microphone pre-amp, phantom power and selectable gains in 1 dB steps from 0 dB to +66 dB.
All analog inputs are available at the rear panel after pre-amplification.

Two analog split outputs per channel can be sent to other devices such as an analog monitor consol or recording unit.

With two parallel AES/EBU ports the digital signals are split as well. They allow the transmission of the analog inputs to two different devices with
digital interfaces. The Word Clock IN / OUT and THRU enable the synchronization of the units to an external source and are used to pass on the word clock from
one unit to the next. For stand-alone applications the devices are equipped with an internal word clock. Up to four X6-units can be connected
to the four principle ports of one DD32(E) or PTP32E enabling the exchange of 32 AES/EBU signals (64 channels) and control data. The ports include two control data
channels. Without the necessity of any external data cable the X6-units can be operated and controlled via the Optocore network with OPTOCORE CONTROL. For the
control in stand-alone applications the USB or RS232 port on the front panel can be used.
The FPGA (field programmable gate array) based concept of the internal logic circuitry permits updating of the hardware by the use of the units
remote ports, ensuring a continual state-of-the-art device.

16 channel analog-AES/EBU converter unit
Full integration into Optocore network by DD32(E) or PTP32E
16 XLR analog mic/line inputs
Mic pre-amps with selectable gain (0 dB to +69 dB in 1 dB steps) and 48 V phantom power
2 analog post-preamp split outputs
1 digital AES/EBU I/O and 1 digital AES/EBU split port
World clock IN / OUT and THRU
Embedded internal word clock for stand-alone applications
1 USB and 1 RS232 port for configuration and control
Full remote access with OPTOCORE CONTROL software
Upgradeable internal logic
Comprehensive status control via LED banks on the front

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