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Two-Channel Remote Intercom Station RM-220

The RM-220 is one of a series of professional remote intercom stations.
The remote speaker/headset station allows two-channel selectable talk and listen
in one rack space. The operator can talk and listen on either channel separately
or talk to both channels simultaneously without tying the two channels together.
Specially contoured audio response provides excellent speech intelligibility, even
in high-noise environments.
The RM-220 can monitor intercom activity on one or both channels with
individual Listen Level controls. Monitor intercom activity through a headset,
the internal speaker, or both at once. The 4-watt output amplifier can drive the
wide- response speaker or Clear-Com headset to very high output levels--more
than enough volume for the noisiest environment. A “speaker dipping” circuit
helps to reduce feedback when stations are placed in close proximity to each other.
The station has a convenient speaker “on/off ” switch when private conversation
via the headset is desired. The station accepts dynamic headsets or optional plug-in
gooseneck mic.
The operator can talk on either of the channels separately or on both at once.
A proprietary contoured frequency response in the mic pre-amp enhances speech
intelligibity in high-noise environments. Illuminated dual-action talk buttons are
electronic momentary or latching. The latching feature may be disabled if desired.
The station also features a headset or microphone selector switch. The talk buttons
can also be remote controlled with a footswitch.

• Selectable one- or two-channel
• Individual listen volume controls
• Momentary/latching talk buttons
• Individual call buttons
• Visual call signaling
• Balanced audio input with
program interrupt (IFB)
• “Hot mic” and line-level outputs
• Studio announce output
with relay
• Optional plug-in gooseneck mic
• Wide-range hi-output speaker
• One rack space
RM-220 Front Panel
shown with optional gooseneck mic
RM-220 Back Panel
Two-Channel Remote Intercom Station RM-220
• ENG and EFP trucks
• Production studio consoles
• Single-channel program interrupt
system “IFB” for talent cueing
• Portable sound system equipment
• Low-profile “top of console”
• Any 2-channel intercom requirement
where rack space is at a

The RM- 220 features individual call
buttons and visual call signaling to attract
the attention of operators who have
removed their headsets or turned off their
speakers. The visual signaling flashes the
illuminated talk button when a call is
received. The call-signaling feature can
be programmed to the talk buttons.
The station can accept either a balanced
or unbalanced line-level audio
input through the DB-15 connector
on the rear panel. The program can be
monitored at the station or fed into
channel B, where it can also be set up
for IFB/Program interrupt from this or
any other PL-Pro-series station.
Each channel has its own sidetone
control. This allows the operator to vary
the level of their own voice as heard in
the headset. When the announce button
is pressed, the microphone signal is routed
to a connector on the back panel.
Relay contacts are also available for muting
speakers or turning on a signal light.
The station accepts Clear-Com’s 9”
or 18” gooseneck microphone.

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