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8x Timelines
16x Multi-Channel ASIO Tracks
4K Video Export & Recording
ASIO Multi-Channel Audio Sync
Non-linear Timeline Editing
DMX / Art-Net / MA-NET / SACN / CITP
MIDI / Midi Showcontrol MSC
LTC SMPTE Timecode I/O
Integrated Media-Encoder
Video Splitting

Media Manager V6 Dongle + Jogshuttle Board in OVP.

The Manager is a powerful multi-purpose show-control system that can be used for projects in a large variety of markets including (but not limited to) the event-, theater- broadcast-, touring- and/or installation sector.
Jog-Shuttle Board
The Jog-Shuttle Board is able to control up to two sequences at a time. Opacity control, direct access to cues and a Jog Dial is evertime within reach.
Connected to a Widget Designer, the Jog Shuttle acts as a freely configurable device.
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