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2 x dB Technologies DRK 20M
1 x dB Technologies Case für DRK 20M

dB Technologies FLY BAR DRK-20M MOTORIZED B-Ware im HotSound-Store
Der DRK-20M ist ein motorisierter Flugrahmen für Line-Array-Systeme, mit dem sich per Software oder Fernbedienung der Neigungswinkel steuern lässt.

Geeignet für:

DVA S1518
DVA S2585



DRK 20M is a motorized rigging frame designed

for lifting DVA line array systems. It can be

used to lift DVA T4, T8 and T12 active linearray modules and DVA S09 DP, S10 DP, S1518

N, S2585 N active subwoofers. The inclination

angle of the cluster can be changed in real

time by a manual remote control or through

an RDNet connection, facilitating a lot the

installation of line array systems.

Thanks to its solid structure in special steel, it

is possible to hang DVA series speakers with

a weight of up to 1000 kg, TUV certified. The

maximum inclination angle is +/- 25°, depending

on the load applied. The whole hanging

system have been designed and verified by

technical load-tests, according to the Italian

Ministerial Decree “New technical standards

for construction” of 14 January 2008, and to

Eurocode 1 and Eurocode 3 standards for steel


The DRK 20M comes with a waterproof

protection cover that, even if it doesn’t increase

the declared IP protection degree, helps a lot

in particular environmental conditions, such

as rain, high degree of moisture and high

concentration of dust.

In addition to the rigging frame and the

protective cover, the DRK 20M kit includes the

remote control, a 70cm PowerCon-to-PowerCon

power supply link cable, a 75cm RJ45-to-RJ45

link cable and a couple of fixing pins to attach

the flybar to the first module.

Finally, DVA Composer – the Acoustical

Simulation and Aiming software for DVA

Systems – allows the user to easily design

systems composed by clusters hooked to the

DRK 20M. The DVA Composer also gives to the

user all the information about phase alignment

between flown systems and ground stacked

subwoofers, as well as it suggests an optimized

aiming of the line arrays modules and their

suggested EQ preset, in order to guarantee

maximum performances even for non-expert



- Live sound for rental application in midsized and large venues

- Permanent installation in theatres, houses

of worship, convention centres, ballrooms


- Flybar for hanging DVA line array systems

(DVA T4, T8 and T12 module; S09 DP, S10 DP,

S1518 N, S2585 N subwoofers)

- Used to hang binding loads up to 1000Kg

(depending on the inclination angle)

- Angle controlled by manual remote

controller and RDNet connection
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