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Roland M400 64-Kanal-Mischpult + S1608 Stage Unit zu verkaufen
In einem guten Zustand
Inklusive 3 Monate Garantie

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Wenn Sie sich Produkte persönlich anschauen möchten, kommen Sie einfach bei uns vorbei in Sittard (NL). In unserem Showroom haben Sie Gelegenheit für ein Demo.


Beschreibung (Englisch):

We have two systems available, one with 2-part flightcase and one with 3-part flightcase.

M-400 48-Channel Live Digital Mixing Console

- Configurable digital snakes with high quality, remotely controlled mic preamps on stage;
- Cat5e distribution that is light weight, low cost and without the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes;
- A 48-channel Mixing Console with 18 buses, 8 matrices, channel and bus DSP, 4 stereo FX processors, 4 graphic EQs or 8-band PEQs, built-in stereo recording and playback, and built in multi-channel split port;
- Up to 40 channels of limitless digital splits over Cat5e for monitor/broadcast positions, personal mixing, and/or PC recording without any audio interfaces;
- Full compatability and interchange of projects wih the M-380 V-Mixer;
- Returns to stage over Cat5e cable.

S-1608 16 x 8 Stage Unit
- 16 input x 8 output configuration
- Compact, floor-based or rack-mountable design
- High resolution 24 bit / 96 kHz audio quality
- Remote controllable preamps using an S-4000R or free RCS software
- REAC low latency digital audio transmission system
- Easy and affordable splits and recording options
At Soundsale you will find an in house technical service department with a test and repair area, and a large showroom, where many will feel like a child in a sweet shop. The quality of our products is paramount, and that is supported by good advice and a 3-month warranty at all times.

Soundsale B.V.
Gasthuisgraaf 13
NL NL, 6136 KS, Sittard
Telefon: +31 46 700 97 11
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