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Power is everything! The Strobe from Robe could not be anything but THE brightest, best value, most sophisticated strobe-blinder effects unit on the market.

Ultimately controllable, configurable and arrayable. Super fast bursts of high powered pulses can be adjusted in frequency, duration and intensity, optically harnessed from the 120x High Power White LED chips. Easy to rig individually or in multiples and easy to program, using direct segment control or the pre-defined macros. Fitted with the standard Robe RNS touch screen system with DMX, RDM, Art-Net, MA Net and sACN protocols. Optional wireless DMX module.
120x High Power White LED chips
5.600 lux @ 5 m / 48.500 lm
12 zones control, continous full power operation, strobe effects

Rental Media Group
str.Han Asparuh 35 sofia
BG BG, 1000, Sofia
Telefon: +359898438690
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