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Here comes the new master of the popular ROBE LED series: Robin 1000 LEDBeam.

When you observe the punchy, tight 4° beam cut through the atmosphere and then open up to a smooth wide 63° wash output, you start to appreciate the beauty of this beast. Based on an array of powerful 15W RGBW LED multichips, with revolutionary optics especially developed for a high output under any circumstance and with the moving head fitted with fast-spin motors which utilize our popular super speedy software driving technique (as used in our Pointe and Robin 100 LEDBeam), this is the right unit that you need for any high profile stage, long distance throw or extra wide theatre scene. All the very important software features of the LED series have been incorporated – including CMY/RGBW colour mixing, improved smooth dimming, tungsten lamp emulation, variable CTO or powerful strobe, which in turn make the new Robin 1000 LEDBeam a very appealing wash/beam solution.
37x 15 W RGBW multichips
18.000 lux @ 5 m / 9.060 lm
4° - 63°
3 LED rings control, tungsten lamp effect, fast strobe

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