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The Phillips Platinum 35 light source together with the Robe MMX optical system, produces a light output exceeding most traditional 1200 W products. Robin MMX WashBeam uses innovative internal motorized barndoors module for creating different unique shapes and chases, in the which also simulates barndoor effects. The module consists of four individually controllable blades and is rotatable by 180 degrees. With the change of a lens, the WashBeam switches from a super-flat, even wash - extendable out to 54 degrees into a tight 3 degree Beam effect machine - both options retaining all the key performance features of the MMX family - including full CMY colour mixing, saturated colour wheel, variable CTO, variable Hot-Spot control, motorised Zoom & Focus and Rotating indexable glass gobos - all adding up to a real advantage over other existing Beam products.
Philips MSR Platinum 35
beam mode : 235.000 lux @ 5m, wash mode : 86.700 lux @ 5m / 22.800 lm
Beam application: 3°-65°, Wash application: 4°-54°
rotating gobo wheel, internal barndoor module,

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