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Showtec Lightfoot 4 - 2 x Ilme 6 Pole Multipin 4 Channel Foot Controller DMX & Midi. Condition: Mint. (50374M).

- Used product. (3)

The Showtec Lightfoot is a real "action-product"! Designed for active stage-use, intuitive and packed with features! It has 20 pre-programmed chases and is fully DMX and Midi compatible! With its heavy duty and easy accessible foot-buttons the Lightfoot is the ideal show-partner for musicians and other stage-artists.
4 channel DMX 512 footcontroller
• 20 pre-programmed chases, which can be activated automatically or by external or internal music input.
• 12 free programmable light scenes
• Speed-control 1 step/min. till 30 steps/sec
• Fade Time control with 60 pre-sets
Master/max. dimmcontrol 0-100%.
• Foot-control-buttons: Mode Up - Mode Down - Flash/Scene -StandBy/Scene.
• DMX 512 and Midi outputs
• AC 230V/50 Hz 1 m cable with Schuko plug.
• Outputs: 3p. XLR DMX-512 and 5p. Midi.
• Dimensions: 450 x 240 x 70 mm (LxWxH)
• Weight: 2,5 kg

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