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Wir verkaufen hier unseren Bestand an Robe MMX Blade.
Die Lampen sind etwa 3 Jahre alt und sind immer gewartet worden.
We're selling our stock of Robe MMX Blade Movinglights.
The devices are 3 years old and serviced.

Technical Specification:
The Robin MMX Blade is based on the new technology MMX discharge fixture, comparable output to 1200 W luminaires, the MMX Blade adds a framing shutter system into the optical path.
Four fast, smooth moving, shutter blades are individually angled and positioned within a frame which itself can rotate through 90 degrees. As well as providing a sharp or soft, precisely repeatable, frame for the projected image, the system produces a new series of fast moving in-air effects through pre-programmed blade shape and movement sequences. The MMX Blade includes many of the innovative features of the MMX including the Robe exclusive Hot-Spot lamp control feature that allows remote adjustment of flat beam uniformity or power beam hot-spot.

Philips MSR Platinum 35

26.141 lm

8,5° - 45,5°

rotating gobo wheel, Dual Animation Wheel, Framing Shutters module, 5-facet rotating prism

MMX Blade -> 2350€ netto
Doppelcase -> 150€ netto
Set inkl. Originalzubehör -> 4.850€ netto VB

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