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We have several pieces for sale Sony BRC-H700 1/3” HD PTZ camera, the H700 are in
perfect condition and we sell the units with 2 months warranty.
If you want to buy several pieces please contact us and we make a total deal.

Delivery configuration:
1x Sony BRC-H700,1/3” HD PTZ camera.
1x Sony HFBK-HD1, HD Digital and Analog Output Board.
1x Sony AC Power adapter.
1x IR Remote Commander Unit.

- Optional Interface Connections
- High Performance Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mechanism
- Standard and Optional Outputs
- RS-232C and RS-422 Remote Control

The Sony BRC-H700 is a high definition communications camera built with a pan
and tilt mechanism. Its three 1/3-inch HD CCDs with over 1 million pixels each
deliver high resolution images and accurate color reproduction. This camera is ideal for low-light environments.

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