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Full EDID Management Saving/Emulating display’s EDID in the transmitter module enhances reliability and compatibility with various displays.
Zero loss & zero noise delivery of digital high definition video and audio signal using UTP connection, HCE delivers HD signals over CAT5 cables without loss or digital interference maintaining the clarity and colors. Noise cancellation and error correction logic enhances HDMI video and audio signals over long distance.
Built-in signal repeater to support longer distance between the source and the H CE transmitter & HCE receiver and the display. This Signal repeater logic supports up to 50ft copper based HDMI cables.
Compact and Robust Module Design
Long distance (up to 165ft at 1080p or lower signal) over cost effective single CAT5 cable.
HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) Support.
HDMI version 1.3 support.
Signal status LCD panel on both transmitter and receiver modules video and audio signal information is displayed on the LCD panels to help understand the signal even before the display is connected. Display Resolution, refresh rates and audio signal status are intuitively displayed on the modules.

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