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Futurelight SC-240 DMX Barrel scanner incl. lightbulb. Condition: Good.

- Used product. (3)

HIT 150 W Lamp with High Luminosity and Long Life
15 Different, Dichroic Color Filters (1 is UV and 3 are Bi-Color Filters) and White
Rainbow Effect with adjustable speed in both directions
Gobo Wheel with 13 Gobos, Open and Blackout
Strobe Effect with Adjustable Speed (1 - 8 Flashes / Second) via Gobo Wheel
Control Board with 3 Digit Display and Foil Keyboard for adjusting the DMX Starting Address, Pan / Tilt Reverse, Testing Program, & Reset
Reset also possible via DMX
Extremely flat housing with low installation height
4 High Quality Stepper Motors for Smooth Mirror Movements
19° Objective
Standard DMX Control

Artikelnummer: SH-11038