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The Crest Audio CA9 professional power amplifier is designed to achieve unsurpassed sonic performance and long-term reliability even when operating under extreme stress in touring or fixed installation applications.

Absolute sonic accuracy is the hallmark of every Crest amplifier. Bass is solid and defined to the limits of audibility, with ample current reserves delivered by an “over-engineered” power supply and advanced Class H circuitry. Wide-bandwidth output devices assure detailed, transparent high frequency response. And, thanks
to Crest’s exclusive IGM circuit, the CA9 will drive 2 ohm loads safely without compromise in performance.

Crest’s legendary “overbuilt” power supply
• Toroidal power transformer
• Latest generation of high-speed, wide-bandwidth output
• Twin tunnel cooling with back-to-front air flow
• Dual, variable speed DC fans
• Massive, extruded aluminum heat sinks
• Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch (TRS) inputs
• 5-Way binding post outputs or Speakon™ connectors
(market dependent)
• Stereo/parallel/bridged mono mode selector switch
• Ground lift switch
• TourClass® protection circuits:
- ACL (Active Clip Limiting) prevents speaker damage with
gentle gain reduction at clip threshold.
- IGM (Instantaneous Gain Modulation) monitors speaker
loads to detect conditions that may overstress output
devices, allowing safe operation into nominal 2? impedances.
- AutoRamp gradually increases gain to attenuator setting
level when amplifier is turned on.
- TourClass also includes comprehensive thermal management,
and short circuit, DC voltage, turn-on/off transient,
current inrush and sub/ultrasonic input protection

2x 600W rms 8 ohm
2x 900W rms 4 ohm
2x 1000W rms 2 ohm
1x 1800W rms 8 ohm
1x 2000W rms 4 ohm

2 pcs for sale, all in good condition, including 3 months warranty

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